About Intrastack

Creating certainty at the core of any steel frame project

Intrastack’s panelised, steel-frame solution is leading the way in offsite construction techniques and bringing certainty to all areas of the project process.

Who We Are

We provide solutions for you

Intrastack’s panelised light gauge steel frame (LGSF) solution has been developed to support the delivery of multi-storey, multi-occupancy residential projects. So, you can build with more confidence with our light gauge steel framing solution.

Steel frame construction is able to build higher than traditional build methods and is therefore highly suited to taller buildings that house multiple residences, such as blocks of flats, student accommodation, hotels, care homes and retirement living. But multi-storey isn’t the only place that our steel framing solutions shine – we can also provide low-rise housing solutions.

Part of Saint-Gobain Off-Site Solutions

Intrastack is a part of Saint-Gobain’s Off-Site Solutions division (OSS), working alongside other MMC brands to offer expertise in design, logistics, supply chain and sourcing, delivered through a partnership approach.

OSS is made up of brands covering MMC categories 2, 3, 5 & 6, from full building structures, through to components & sub-assemblies, enabling accelerated build-programmes on-site, whilst ensuring the highest levels of quality, performance, and project-certainty.

Steel frame specialists

As specialists in steel frame buildings, we are able to offer developers and contractors seamless solutions that are progressive, innovative and efficient, whilst being cost-effective, providing quick returns on investment, and reducing risk on-site.


Bespoke designs

We offer bespoke designs for your multi-occupancy projects.  Whatever heights you want to reach, with Intrastack steel frame construction, the sky’s the limit.