What is Intrastack Low-Rise Housing (ILRH)?

System Overview

The Intrastack Low-Rise Housing system (ILRH) is a light-gauge steel frame (LGSF) panelised structural system, specifically developed to service the low-rise housing market. It is a non-combustible off-site construction solution that provides the benefit of an accelerated build programme. 

Low-rise house cut through graphic

Intrastack Low-Rise Housing 

For residential developments up to 3-storeys

The ILRH system consists of external and internal loadbearing wall and floor cassette panels, manufactured in a factory environment using cold rolled steel. A timber trussed roof or room-in-roof cassette solution can be added.

External walls are clad as standard with Glasroc X sheathing board, providing both fire and weather protection to the exterior. The internal walls are supplied as open panel LGSF, ready to accept first-fix plumbing and electrical run-through. The floor cassettes are pre-fitted with P5 chipboard or OSB3 structural decking to form the intermediate floor solution, these are hung from the loadbearing walls below on joist hanging angles – locking them into the structure.

The system can accommodate a variety of external façade options such as traditional masonry, lightweight render, and rainscreen cladding – providing flexibility to meet all local planning requirements and housing typologies.

Intrastack designs, manufactures and delivers the ILRH system to each customer’s project specification.

ILRH System Benefits

Intrastack Low-Rise Housing (ILRH) is the perfect housing solution designed for contractors and developers. Leading the way in off-site construction technologies for the low-rise sector, Intrastack offers cost-effective and durable solutions for housing providers. Our focus includes social and affordable housing, assisted living facilities, and care homes, ensuring quality and efficiency in every project.

Speed and Efficiency:

Intrastack’s panelised LGSF structures are efficient to transport and install on-site, with the structure being completed within days rather than weeks when compared to traditional builds. This helps reduce the overall programme significantly (by up to 50%).

Durability and Longevity:

Light-gauge steel frame is incredibly strong and durable, and it can withstand extreme weather conditions. Steel does not rot, warp, shrink, or crack, ensuring that homes built with steel will last for generations.

Reduced Carbon & Waste:

Steel frame provides a considerable reduction in associated on-site waste material, and up to a 20% reduction in embodied carbon in the building fabric. Due to optimised loading & logistics, Intrastack can also reduce vehicle movements to site.

Design Flexibility:

The possibilities for customisation when using ILRH are extensive. Intrastack’s advanced structural panelised system allows for considerable design flexibility, enabling a wide range of house types to be delivered.

Cost Effective:

Light-gauge steel frame is not only faster and more efficient, but it can be very cost-effective compared to other construction methods. With reduced construction times and lower labour costs, the combined savings and quicker return-on-investment all help provide a compelling commercial proposition.

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Photos: Ennerdale Avenue, Manchester. Contractor: R&M Property Group.