What is LGSF?

System Overview

Our pre-panelised light-gauge steel frame (LGSF) system is specifically designed to deliver the primary load-bearing structure for multi-occupancy residential and commercial projects up to 12-storeys.

Intrastack LGSF System

Providing fully load-bearing structures

The Intrastack system can deliver fully load-bearing structures up to 12-storeys in height, either from the floor slab, or from a transfer slab. Each project is specifically designed to optimise the use of LGSF structural technology – minimising materials, waste, labour and, ultimately, cost.

Intrastack wall panels, floor cassettes, and roof cassettes are assembled at our Chorley manufacturing & assembly facility in the North-West of England. These are then delivered to site, in sequence to meet your programme.

We can provide a composite concrete deck, should you prefer – this would be site fixed and then poured. If your project requires a pitched, trussed roof, we can also provide that as part of the supply & installation package.

As part of the Intrastack package we also offer hot-rolled steel (HRS) to site, as well as balconies, lift-shafts, staircases, edge protection systems, and rebar, along with the option of a scaffold-less system.

In addition, we can provide infill and pre-assembled façade systems, should a full LGSF load-bearing structure not be right for your project.