Intrastack and ECO-SPACE bring steel off-site construction to the Channel Islands

Intrastack, part of the worldwide Saint-Gobain group and a leader in Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) solutions, has announced that it is working with off-site specialists, ECO-SPACE. The collaboration will bring multi-storey, multi-occupancy, LGSF buildings to the Channel Islands, and represents a significant step towards enhancing the off-site construction offerings in the region.

The move comes as the housing crisis was listed as one of the main priorities by Guernsey’s Policy and Resources Committee in their recently published Government Work Plan[1]. Similarly, a need for more affordable housing was discussed in Jersey’s Justice and Home Affairs Objective Assessment of Housing Need Report[2], where it was advised larger, mixed developments were needed.

Both Guernsey and Jersey struggle to provide affordable housing to residents, in part due to high costs associated with building on the Islands. This is where off-site construction can provide a solution. Familiar with the issues surrounding supply and affordability, both Intrastack and ECO-SPACE have a wealth of experience within residential construction. Between them, expertise extends to various building types, encompassing everything from customised single-family homes to large-scale multi-storey developments.

Together, Intrastack and ECO-SPACE aim to usher in an era of cost-effective and resilient multi-storey, multi-occupancy developments in the Channel Islands. By leveraging their expertise in LGSF off-site solutions, they hope to deliver unparalleled certainty in design, quality and construction timelines.

Intrastack and ECO-SPACE firmly believe that their partnership will not only meet the growing demands of the Channel Islands’ construction sector but also contribute significantly to efficient building practices in the region, with off-site production improving quality control, efficiency and eliminating waste through precision manufactured LGSF structures.

Commenting on the joint-venture, Andy Higson, Business Director, at Intrastack said; “We are really pleased to work with ECO-SPACE, a company known for its commitment to quality construction. Together, we aim to provide the Channel Islands with quality, affordable housing, through multi-storey, multi-occupancy buildings using LGSF solutions. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to redefine construction standards and provide innovative solutions that will accelerate the pace of residential house building. We look forward to delivering exceptional results and optimising construction across the Channel Islands.”

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