New Advantage Approval & Checkmate System Approval Accreditations

Intrastack has been accredited with further approvals for its light gauge steel frame system.

The Advantage AHCI System Certificate means that AHCI have reviewed the structural characteristics of the Intrastack LGSF system, for certification and confirm that it is acceptable for use in the construction of dwellings in accordance with AHCI Standards Chapter 11.0 “Light Steel Framed Buildings”.

The Checkmate System Approval certificate, powered by Lockton, confirms that Intrastack’s low-rise steel frame solution has been reviewed and accepted by the provider, and consists of 7 key elements when delivered to the construction site, which can be found on the relevant certificate.

To view the new approval certificates, please see our Certificates & Memberships page. For any questions regarding these, or any of Intrastack’s certifications, please contact us.

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