Intrastack attends Offsite Expo with Saint-Gobain OSS – September 2021


The construction sector is at a critical crossroads – offsite technology is now recognised as providing the most important solution to overcome many of the challenges facing the industry today.

Bringing together the sector’s most influential innovators who are driving change in the construction industry, Offsite Expo provides fast and efficient access to a wealth of knowledge and offsite innovation. By attending this one highly focused event, construction professionals can gain a broad spectrum of offsite industry intelligence and practical insight – all under one roof at the Coventry Building Society (Ricoh) Arena in Coventry.

In September 2021, Intrastack joined its sister-brands from the Off-Site Solutions division of Saint-Gobain to exhibit at the Expo and promote the benefits of off-site construction to the building industry.

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We make life better on-site by working off-site.

Saint-Gobain believes the construction industry can use off-site manufacture to improve quality, maximise supply chain efficiency and enhance sustainability performance during and after construction.

Our specialist brands – Intrastack, International Timber, Pasquill, Roofspace Solutions and Scotframe – were available at the 2021 Offsite Expo to discuss upcoming projects with contractors and developers, as well as the benefits and features of MMC and working with Saint-Gobain OSS.

Article originally appeared in Offsite Magazine, Issue 28, 2021

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