Intrastack & Claritas Project – The Mall, Ealing

Intrastack is pleased to be working with principal contractor, Claritas, to deliver a 9-storey development in Ealing. The below article was posted by Claritas in November 2022.

Our multi storey steel building project at The Mall Ealing is beginning to make its stamp on the Broadway skyline! Working with our innovations partner Intrastack, the 9 storey co-living development being constructed for Urbane London is demonstrating the efficiencies in speed and logistics of this specialist off-site system.

Paul Owen Claritas’ Project Manager said, “You couldn’t find a tighter site accessed via a 4.5m gap and flanked on all four sides by occupied buildings and a mainline station. The system has been delivered with ease and we can stack the wall panels for the entire building within the limited space we have. Delivered floor by floor the external panels are craned into position after each concrete pour and the frame is flying up”.

Andy Higson, Business Director at Intrastack commented, “The innovation partnership between Claritas and Intrastack is about finding the best-fit solutions for the client, and the construction project. Through working closely with the Claritas team from early-design stage, we have collaborated, and developed the right solution to address the many challenges of the site and optimised the design to fully-realise the many benefits of this lightweight-construction solution”

The scheme is also up for Best Practice recognition by the Claritas Safety, Health and Environment committee. A site that is so tight would struggle to be as tidy with traditional materials, and it would be logistically challenging to deliver and store them. The system contributes to less carbon emissions through fewer materials deliveries and less waste to remove, in turn increasing health and safety.


Photo Credits Diane Aukland / Fotohaus

Article originally appeared on LinkedIn, posted by Claritas, November 2022.

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